The IIoTSBOM Project

The IIoTSBOM project aims to support production companies, mainly Make Industry to innovate with CyberSecurity by improving the security of their connected technological products and by providing them a Security Bill of Materials.

The project aims to establish a closer collaboration with CyberSecurity-experts from their own organisation together with external experts from research centres and other CyberSecurity experts. These will guide them in a trjactiy to further mature and better position and differentiate products and services thanks to CyberSecurity.

IIoTSBOM is not only focused on the development, but also the proper use of IIoT security technology, which sometimes requires a broader expertise in cybersecurity and embedded systems. As an organisation it is usually quite a challenge to cope with the different evolutions in IIoT CyberSecurity, or to identify the relevant ones for yout organisation, installation, system, devices and applications.

Many technological innovations are still relatively unknown and are being handled mainly in an academical way, but offer many opportunities for industrial applications and in many cases for current and future CyberSecurity challenges in IIoT.

WIth the IIoTSBOM project, which is supported by the VLAIO COOCK program, we aim to make technology companies acquainted with developments that engage them to implement CyberSecurity in IIoT applications and devices. The project is aimed at a wide and diverse target audience of companies, more in particular :

  • users of equipment, devices and (IIoT – IoT) technology : technology end users, manufacturing companies and producers, operators of essential services and critical infrastructure, and other end users …
  • developers of IoT and IIoT : producing software and hardware for today’s and tomorrow’s devices that will arrive in production environments, into public, production and office buildings
  • integrators of software and hardware : delivering end-to-end solutions, utilising IoT and IIoT-devices or internet technology connected systems, integrating with other systems and solutions and providing turnkey solutions or being an important partner of the technolog operations of the end users
  • machine builders and product developers in automotive, construction, textiles, food, health, … integrating mroe technologies in order to digitise their business processes, their production and their products and services, having cybersecurity being important to protect sensitive information and the continuity and resilience of operations
  • CyberSecurity companies, such as producers and operators of CyberSecurity solutions, advisory and providers of technical CyberSecurity in the domain of IoT and IIoT, OT and ICT security.

It is the ambition of the IIoTSBOM project to have innovative CyberSecurity technology to be made available to IIoT and to improve the process (SBOM) more widely available and known with technology development companies by means of :

  • ensuring at least 5 Software Bill of Materials use cases for existing industrial equipment and IIoT
  • starting of innovation trajectories in IIoT CyberSecurity and SBOM
  • development of inspirational seminars and webinars
  • organisation of deep-dive seminars and technical workshops for CyberSecurity for IIoT and use of SBOM
  • supporting the advanced procurement by means of SBOMs
  • developing whitepapers for IIoT CyberSecurity and the use of SBOMs