IIoTSBOM is an initiative from LSEC, Flanders Make and KU Leuven COSIC from Belgium to improve cybersecurity for devices. Inspired and with the support of the US CISA (CyberSecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), we aim to support companies to innovate with methods, processes and technologies and be better prepared for future challenges.

we offer support and advisory free of charge - we aim to help to innovate

Get Inspired on CyberSecurity

CyberSecurity is a complex world of interconnected systems with vulnerabilities and adversaries trying to exploit them

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Supply Chain CyberSecurity

How do you get your next device, machine and other equipments you plan to purchase CyberSecured?

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Device CyberSecurity

How do you get your next product or service development CyberSecured so end-users can partner up providing a secure operation.

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Forbes on SBOM

In an article from November 1st 2021, Bolstering CyberSecurity Risk Management with SBOMs, Forbes magazine reports on the interest and benefits of Software Bill of Materials. In this article Chuck Brooks puts the US Executive Order in perspective and also reports on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Software Supply Chain Risk Management Act and…

US Executive Order

On May 12th 2021, the US President directed measures fortifying the nation’s CyberSecurity Posture under Sec. 4.  Enhancing Software Supply Chain Security by means of SBOMs (Software Bill of Materials). ” There is a pressing need to implement more rigorous and predictable mechanisms for ensuring that products function securely, and as intended. … NIST … shall issue guidance identifying…