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SCA – Software Composition Analysis for SBOMs

May 3, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

During this webinar one of the global application security expert Steven Wierckx from OWASP and Toreon will guide us through the concepts and methodologies for Software Composition Analysis – a method used in different toolsets, that analyse software for its ingredients and support developers and security engineers in detecting potential errors, leakages and vulnerabilities. Many of the SCA-tool providers offer  the capability of exporting an SBOM, which is great but some considerations about the process need to be kept in mind.

In the domain of application security, there are quite a couple of basic constraints that need to be considered upfront; where the SCA-tool won’t be fully complete at.

During this webinar, Steven will be able to inform us about some considerations to have both upfront, during and afterwards. He will be guiding us through the requirements of software composition analysis.

Following this, at a later stage, a workshop will be organised taking a number of these steps more in depth, allowing also for companies to better engineer their software already with some application security constraints in the back of their minds.

Preliminary Agenda :

  • 13.00h : introduction, context of SBOMs with SCA – some tooling revisited
  • 13.05h : introduction to application security by Steven Wierckx
  • 13.20h : software composition analysis – static vs dynamics
  • 14.00h : some results of SCA in view of application security – analysing an SCA for challenges and limitations
  • 14.30h : the wider vulnerabilities perspective – how to deal with SCA results and in a secdevops perspective
  • 14.45h : Q&A and next steps
  • 14.55h : wrapup
  • 15.00h : end of webinar


This event is organised in the context of the VLAIO COOCK IIoTSBOM and supported by the Flemish government to ensure collective knowledge transfer of expertise to a wider enterprise community.




May 3, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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